CS:GO – Impact In Sports Betting

CS:GO has captivated millions of fan base and tournaments in large cities such as Paris and Cologne every year. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been thriving in the esports scene, and this has shaped the landscape of the industry. This has grown from small-scale tournaments to large tournaments and has become one of the oldest and largest Esports today.

The gameplay of this CS:GO is relatively easy to understand, but it is difficult to master. The gameplay is composed of a team defending the bomb sites while the opposing team attacks and plant a bomb. CS:GO is a competitive platform and players sharpen their skills. This is through learning lineups, aim patterns, and other relative skills to compete in high-level scenes.

The history of the scene and the fanbases of the game are the reasons why CS:GO dominated esports betting sites. Since the establishment of CS:GO, in-game loot boxes and skin betting have been prevalent in the community. The betting of real money followed after the activities had reached the mainstream scene. And the Esports matches and playing the game have become ingrained into the community. 

CS:GO Intro

Format Changes

The current system is what the community refers to as ‘MR15’, meaning:

MR15 is the current system in the community of CS:GO. This is two halves of 15 rounds, 30 rounds, the first to win the 16 rounds wins the match. For a decade, this is the system that has been used even in previous versions of the game CS 1.6. As CS:GO continues to develop and the changes in the industry, the matches are much closer but longer now. The match series of 2-1 for CS:GO is the average, and runs for almost three and a half hours.

CS:GO Skins and Roles:

The first post-release update was called “Arms Deal”, this after the official release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in August 2012. This is a game option where it features skin customization of in-game weapons. A popular way for players to express themselves is through weapon skins.

These weapon skins are hard to obtain. This could either be earned through random drops or through buying cases that provide the chance to obtain a skin.Skins have different levels of rarity. A lot of skin where only made in small batches, just like NFTs which makes them very hard to obtain. There are skins that are extremely rare to obtain which increases their price just like rare pieces of art.

This has become a status symbol, same as owning a Rolex which is what has led players to collect them. The skins find their way into the third-party market wherein players can gamble, and trade skins for real money.

CS:GO Skins

CS:GO Betting

In the past few years, with more and more online sports betting offering markets for this game, the CS:GO betting has become popular. When it comes to betting volume, CS is frequently the top esports title. You might be wondering where to start especially if you are new to esports betting. The first step is finding a reputable and best betting site for esports for CS:GO. It is vital that you select a regulated and licensed sports betting site to ensure your money is safe. Find a site that is offering a wide variety of Esports markets with great sports betting odds and welcome bonuses such as Betso88ph.net.

Betting Markets: CS:GO

There are a relatively large number of betting markets in CS:GO which makes betting more exciting compared to other Esports.

  • Betting on the winner of a CSGO match
  • Betting on the winner of a single map as part of a CSGO match
  • Handicap betting on the Match Winner market
  • Rounds won on a map handicap betting
  • Number of Maps won by a team in a series of bets
  • Correct Score betting
  • Map Pistol Round 1 and 2 winner markets
  • Over/Under betting on Total Rounds played on a map
  • Drawn Game/Overtime betting

It is important that you know how to read betting odds in CS:GO to increase your chances of winning.

CS:GO Gameplay

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