Hockey – Guides And Tips For Betting

In Canada Hockey is one of America’s favorite and the biggest athletic event in the state. Ice hockey has been a popular sport in online sports betting with wide market available to bet on. This is one of the most popular sports to bet on around the world not just in America and Canada. Most of the countries in Europe love to bet on this sport but it also starts gaining popularity among bettors in the Philippines.

Hockey Intro

Betting On Hockey

When you are interested in making hockey bets, you need to first select online bookmakers. Select the top online sports betting sites that offer comprehensive hockey betting such as Betso88ph.

It’s time to sign up an account when you find a reputable sports betting site that meets your preferences. A great bookmaker should offer a welcome bonus when you create an account, and make sure to take advantage of it. When you successfully create an account you can now head on to the hockey sections to see the available betting options.

A moneyline betting method is the first option a newbie should know. Money is a betting method where you simply bet on the winner of the match. When you are more familiar with making bets in hockey then you can move to more advanced bets. You can now bet on Parlays, Grand Salami, 60-minute line, prop bets, futures, derivatives, and live betting.

Types of Hockey Bets


The most common type of hockey betting picks in the market for hockey is the money line. This is simply about betting on a team who wins the match. Three outcomes in the money line are the home team wins, the visiting team wins or the match ends in a draw. There is no additional calculation since there is no point spread in this sport. Underdogs have longer odds in money lines as opposed to favorites. 


Puckline is a variant of spread betting and it’s a unique betting market in hockey. This type of ice hockey betting market is the same as the handicaps. and sportsbook sets the point spread or handicap. The puck line is commonly set at 1.5 and the underdog has +1.5 puck line. 

The favored team with a -1.5 plucking must win the match with 2 or more goals for your wager to win. The underdog must not lose with 2 or more goals for a wager to win. This is more interesting compared to the money line and will provide more payouts.

Hockey Outro


When it comes to hockey, this is the most popular type of bet. This is commonly known as Over/Under type of wagering. You are putting your wager on the goal line set with this type of bet instead of the outcome of the game. This type of betting market focuses on the goal difference rather than the winner itself.

Online sports betting sites will set expected goals in a match, and you either bet on over or under. 

Period Bets

The hockey game is comprised of three divided periods. Bettors are provided with the opportunity to treat each period like a separate game. This type of betting market is the same as half-time betting just like in basketball or football.

This betting market will allow you to wager on the total bet, or moneyline separately on each three periods. You can only wager on one of these, and the result of the period decides your bet.


In hockey futures is the most common and popular betting method. This is all about wagering on the future outcome of the game. You can make a bet any time of the year as long as the bookmaker makes it available. However, this will give you the best odds earlier, and some bookmakers can reveal even before the season begins.

Grand Salami

This is a unique type of betting for hockey fans. Bettors may put their wager on the total number of goals scored in a single round.  Bookmakers will create a line for all the matches, and bettors will simply bet on over or under. When the match has ended then the bet will settled. This is complex so beginners must research.  


This is another unique type of betting market in hockey. In this market sports betting sites can include the first player to score a goal total number of taken. These are events that are not tied to the outcome of the match.

The Hockey is still one of the most favorite sports among enthusiasts. It has remained in the top five after major sports leagues and football.  Sports betting now offers a wide range of markets for hockey. To ensure that your wagers are protected you need to find a reputable and credible online casino such as Jbet88.