Slingo Brief Guide to Play the Game  

How Do You Play Slingo and What Is It?

Whether you are new to online game or have been playing for a long, you’ve probably heard of “Slingo.” To learn more about this fascinating new gaming experience, check out our beginner’s guide if you’ve been wondering what all the excitement is about.

Slingo What Is It?

Slingo games get its name from a combination of bingo and slots. It is based on the most played kind of bingo, 75-ball bingo, and it includes the spinning reels found in online slots. The objective is to cross out numbers in the grid by matching them to those that show up on the reels, just like in a game of bingo. As you move up a prize ladder, you also receive incremental victories.

Basic Mechanic

The 5×5 grid of a standard Slingo layout resembles a bingo card. The reels that produce the numbers you need to match are located at the bottom of the grid. The spin button is located beneath the ball hopper, which is the technical term for the device that typically holds the bingo balls, in the desktop version of the game. The ball hoppers indicate how many spins are left.

The spin button is located beneath the five bottom reels on the mobile version. On the right side of the spin button, you can see how many spins are left. First, press the spin button to begin the game. Keep in mind that the maximum number of spins that can be play varies according to the game. Certain games allow you to purchase additional spins; the spin button will make this very evident.

The numbers on your grid will automatically be check off if they match the numbers on the reels. When you cross off five consecutive numbers that come after the winning line, you win a play Slingo. Win lines may be diagonal, vertical, or horizontal.

You advance up the reward ladder by one level for each game or win line you finish. Every game has a different prize structure, and some have fun bonus features!

Most Popular Symbols in Slingo

In addition to the numbers on the reels, special symbols can also be found in Slingo bingo. The following are the most prevalent symbols that can be found in games.

These symbols represent several things

Joker- You can cross out any number in the column that the Joker appears in when it appears on the reels.

Extra Joker- Extra Jokers let you cross out any number on the entire grid.

One more spin is awarded when you encounter a Free Spin symbol.

Gold Coin- You will receive immediate cash payouts whenever a Gold Coin shows up on the reels.

Devil-  Symbols are blocked by devils. On the column in which they show up, they prevent possible matches.

Best Games for Beginner Players

If you want to learn the fundamentals of Slingo, these are the best games to play. You may practice how to play slingo using the format while having fun with these simple yet entertaining games.

Slingo Riches Still one of our most play games, Slingo Riches was the first game to feature the mechanic!

Players in Slingo Riches begin with 11 spins to finish. In addition to the Free Spin and Gold Coin symbols, you will also come across the Joker, Super Joker, and the Devil in this entertaining original. You can play Slingo Riches quickly, easily, and thrillingly, and you may win up to 200 times your bet!

Extreme Slingo

Slingo Extreme is an enhanced version of the classic game. It has significantly larger jackpots along with a fantastic, fiery theme! Slingo Extreme’s fast-paced game play is complemented with. It’s an excellent game for new players since it introduces them to the fundamentals of the game while having the potential to pay out handsomely. Ascend the reward ladder to the summit for a chance to win 500 times your wager!


You likely appreciated the unusual fusion of slots and bingo after playing the Slingo game online in Betso88. By matching the numbers and patterns on the grid, you may have received some points and prizes. An entertaining game that calls for strategy and chance is Slingo. Thus, Slingo games are widely available also on Royal888 if you want to play again and win more.