Sports Betting Philippines – A Variety of Sports Bets

Sports Betting Philippines is one of the most popular types of gaming in the world here at Betso88, and there are a lot of different ways to make action bets.

sports betting philippines

Simple Bets

The straight bet is the most basic and is known to most sports fans. Sports betting game like football and basketball is the most common way to do it. When you bet, you can either lose points on the winner or win points on the underdog. This is called the betting line, or point spread. In order to win, the favorite has to beat the spread by more than one point. In order to “cover” and win, the loser must either win by more than one point or lose by less than that exact amount. This “push” tie does not result in any loss or gain of money.

Line Bets in total

Bettors second-most often choose the total line for many sports. Setting a number for the total score of both teams and betting on whether it will stay “under” or “over” that number is what this type of online sports betting Philippines is all about. Every half, people often bet on football and basketball total lines.

Our Wager is Placed on the Money Line

Selecting a team to win straight up without a spread is what money line betting is all about. If you bet on the winner instead of the underdog, you risk the difference. Baseball and hockey are the most popular sports for betting, but these bets can be made on any major sport. What would the money line be for San Francisco (+120) vs. Los Angeles (-135) if the Dodgers are home favorites against the Giants? It would cost you 135 PHP to win 100 PHP on the Dodgers, but it would cost you 120 PHP if you won 100 PHP on the Giants.

Bets that combine several tickets

You can put together many picks in a parlay, which is a type of sport betting odds bet. The number of picks can be anywhere from two to ten to twelve at a casino. It depends on how many picks you put together for a parlay payment. If you bet on two teams, you generally win 13 to 5, but if you bet on 10 teams, you might win 645 to 1. There is only one way to win a parlay: all of your picks must win. High-risk sports bets like parlays can result in significant winnings or losses.

Teaser Bets

“Teaser bets” combine two or more picks into one bet. You can change the point spreads to your advantage in sports betting sites, but the return is smaller. Underdogs that are 3.5 points behind would get 9.5 points on a six-point teaser bet. Now that the betting lines have been changed, hitting teasers is still difficult but your prize is lower. It is possible to tease the spread, which changes the odds of a winning three-team bet from 6 to 1.

Bets that compare two teams

People sometimes bet on head-to-head results between two enemies in NASCAR and professional golf. The winner of the race or event is the person who comes in fourth place. To help people predict who will win, money bets are often placed on each player. Because it’s hard to pick a winner from a large field, this bet is popular for these kinds of sports.

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